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CEA Academician Visited Yiming

On December 1, 2017, Mr. Shu Xingtian, academician of the Chinese Engineering Academy, visited Yiming for inspection and guidance.

Academician Shu is an expert in molecular sieve and oil refining catalyst manufacturing. He has been engaged in the development and industrial application research of molecular sieve oil refining catalyst for a long time. Shu Xingtian developed high silicon ZRP molecular sieve with five membered ring structure containing phosphorus and rare earth and secondary pores; SRNY molecular sieve is prepared by a unique modification method of hydrothermal reaction between deposited silicon and rare earth oxides and Y-type molecular sieve; A new generation of ultra stable Y molecular sieve SRY molecular sieve was successfully developed; β - molecular sieves concentrated on the solid surface by template and combined with segmented crystallization were developed, and HTS molecular sieves and catalysts prepared by rearrangement and in-situ bonding technology were developed. Molecular sieves have been industrialized and applied in catalytic cracking, hydrogenation, ethylbenzene synthesis, cyclohexanone ammoxidation to oxime and so on.

The Academy inspected the silica gel production process of our company and put forward valuable suggestions. We believe that this will benefit our future production work a lot.

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