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Sales Department News:   on December 15, 2021, Mr. Wu Lijie, the Board chairman of Anhui Huaertai Chemical Co., Ltd., and several senior managers of the company visited Yiming enterprise. Huaertai ...
Administration office news: on November 5, Yiming enterprise invited several lawyers from Shandong Deqiao law firm to carry out Legal Popularization and labor law lecture for employees of the compa...
Yiming Silica Gel Enterprise attended the 87th API Pharmex held in Wuan from Oct 12th to 14th.
Sales Department news: from October 1 to 6, Yiming enterprise held colorful recreational activities such as tug of war and kangaroo jump to celebrate National Day,. The activities also enriched the...
On the morning of September 28, Yiming enterprise held a summary meeting on the sales of overstocked products, and rewarded the departments and individuals who made outstanding achievements in the ...
Since its establishment in 1996, china-pharm has built a platform for mutual exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical industries and between enterprises and the government,
Recently, Dr. Wang Dianzhong of the Academy of petroleum Sciences visited Yiming factory. Dr. Wang is a famous expert at home and abroad, specializing in the application of molecular sieve catalyst...
After the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, Chinese governments at all levels attached great importance to it, actively organized the fight against the epidemic, and gave detailed and specific gui...
On September 7, 2020, the France branch of Sanner Group inspected Yiming company. The French guests visited the whole production process in Yiming production workshop and raised some professional q...
On March 8, 2018, Mr. Frederic, head of Airnov chemical (China) Co., Ltd., visited Yiming factory and was warmly received by Mr. Wang, general manager of Yiming company. The two sides had an in-dep...
On December 1, 2017, Mr. Shu Xingtian, academician of the Chinese Engineering Academy, visited Yiming for inspection and guidance.Academician Shu is an expert in molecular sieve and oil refining ca...
Dongying Yiming New Material Co., Ltd., affiliated to Shandong Yiming group, is a large pharmaceutical silica gel desiccant manufacturer in Shandong. It has a GMP standardized production workshop o...

Dongying Yiming New Materials Co., Ltd is a productive Enterprises of silica gel with more than twenty years of experience. The company makes silica gel products like silica gel desiccants, catalyst carriers, silica sol and other special silica gel products. Since the first day of establishment, Yiming set up the highest quality standard and we were invited to participate the formulation of China national standard for silica gel products like micro-bead silica gels, silica sol for industrial use, copper-modified silica gel. Yiming products quality naturally enjoys high reputation all over the world. We feel proud of this but never stop the steps to seek higher quality and the steps towards the globe.

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